Postpaid tariff packages
Everything is possible!

Smart' tarrifs

If mobile communication is a necessity for you, and mobile phone is an indispensable partner in your life... Also, you call in different directions, meaning making calls towards different networks, throughout the day... You will then realize the undoubtable charm of Smart tariffs.
Smart tariffs



As a postpaid user you can select a T-Mobile prepaid number for free calls and SMS messages, and give away as much as 3€ in top up amount to a selected prepaid number each month! All this for just 5€ monthly subscription. Service is used from the moment it is activated, and renewed automatically at the beginning of each month (until you deactivate the service).



Start tariff

You value the freedom of communication, and above all, own freedom... Your spending varies from month to month... Then this is the model tailored for you.
Start paket


Mono postpaid

Calls are charged per 1 second. web’n’walk, Internet on your mobile phone: charging per 1 KB.


Limit 25

Monthly subscription is the spending limit. When spending reaches the amount of the subscription, outgoing traffic is suspended for that month. This enables you to control your expenses.


Customer support
Calls towards customer support are free from the T-Mobile network. When calling outside of Montenegro, calls are priced as international calls to Montenegro.

More information: 1500

Free numbers
Kontakt centar - 1500
Police - 122
Fire Service - 123
Medical Service - 124
International code for
emergency calls - 112
MUP - 19819
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