Find out everything on the go with the internet on your mobile phone

It is not important to know the answers to all questions, but to reach them at any time. With the T-Mobile web’n’walk service, you can easily surf the internet, exchange emails, download on the go...
Enjoy a high quality internet link over you mobile telephone. web’n’walk enables you a quick and simple way to access internet at any time.

Browsing starts with the T-Mobile web’n’walk portal, from which you can go anywhere....

web’n’walk portal: www.t-mobile.me/wnw/
For quick and simple internet browsing.

Check how the internet works on a mobile phone

A whole new experience in using the internet over the mobile phone: web’n’walk portal, specially configured for browsing over the mobile handset. It gives the posibillity of simpler internet access, email usage, news reading, sport scores, stock exchange report...... whatever suits your interest. Contains the Yahoo! internet search enging and a lot of other and interesting links (YouTube, BBC, CNN, Café Montenegro... ).

If you buy a T-Mobile web’n’walk handset, this page will be set up as your home page. If you have a phone which was not bought at the web'n'walk promotion, you can set up www.t-mobile.me/wnw as a home page, by calling the number 19899.

Of course, this page can be used by all T-Mobile customers (prepaid and postpaid). You just need a telephone which supports internet surfing. For using the web’n’walk service, any handset which has an integrated internet browser, such as: Symbian S60, Opera Mobile/Mini or Internet Explorer can be used.

web'n'walk tariffs

Postpaid customers (residential and business customers) can use the new web'n'walk tariff plan - web'n'walk Midi, which offers a data plan for a monthly subscription and a more favorable data transfer costs. It offers a careful choice between the subscription and price making it ideal for those who often surf the internet through their mobile phone. With a monthly subscription of 5 €, you have 50 MB at your disposal per month and every additional MB is priced 0,15 € (tariff models are given in the table)

If you do not want to subscribe to the packave, internet access will be calculated by a standard tariff (web’n’walk Start).

web'n'walk tariffs

Cijena za 100 KB
From Monday to Friday, 08-00h From Monday to Friday, 00-08h, Saturday and Sunday
0.08 € 0.04 €

Charging is per 100 kb. Prices are VAT inclusive.

Stranica je posljednji put ažurirana 27/09/2009
Customer support
Calls towards customer support are free from the T-Mobile network. When calling outside of Montenegro, calls are priced as international calls to Montenegro.

More information: 1500

Free numbers
Kontakt centar - 1500
Recharge and check
the prepaid account - 14000
Police - 122
Fire Service - 123
Medical Service - 124
International code for
emergency calls - 112
MUP - 19819
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